A new Mel Gibson film brings old charges of social offenses because everything is stupid

Source: www.hotair.com

Complain some more, the producers love it.

Coming out on DVD and VOD tomorrow is a brand new Mel Gibson film, ‘’Force of Nature’’. I covered this release about one month ago when an initial swell of outrage was heard. It was a ridiculous batch of distemper back then, but since that time we have had our society swept up in an altogether larger upheaval — and Mel and his unreleased movie are in trouble all over again.

At the Daily Beast Nick Schager is in full throated outrage at just about every conceivable aspect of this release, starting with its stars. We do not even get into the body of the article and already the charges are thrown. Gibson is called a ‘’Racist anti-Semite’’, and co-star Emile Hirsch is called ‘’a woman strangler’’ in the sub-headline. If only those were the extent of the crimes in this film. Nope, Schager has a laundry list of grievances to be discovered.


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